Magic Potion for Weight Loss!

Have you heard of the magic potion for weight loss? It is colourless, odourless and tasteless and as far as our health goes, it is priceless. Yes, you guessed it. It is, quite simply, water! Various studies have shown that reducing water intake leads to increased fat deposits whereas drinking more water helps mobilize stored […]

Obesity and Cancer

There are many diseases that are associated with obesity – high blood sugar, high blood pressure, infertility and arthritis to name a few. The reason these red flags are spotted pretty quickly is because they are easy to detect – either due to symptoms or with routine tests.  But, there is another grave side-effect, one […]

Freedom at Midnight!

The Birds dispersed after the secret meeting at midnight. Their plan to escape the zoo was taking shape. Owl had planned every detail. Freedom was a month away. ‘Party-time!’ quaked Duck, digging into some chips and chocolate. ‘What is this?’ asked Kingfisher, peering into the packet of chips.  ‘I haven’t seen anything like this before!’ […]

Positives of Multi-Location Practice

Sometime people ask why do I practice from many locations. Am I hedging my risk? No. Actual reasons might sound counter-intuitive. First, our patients can choose a location they want for their consultation, surgery and post-operative care. Second, it preserves our autonomy to take the best clinical decision every time. As surgeons we are outcome […]

Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery: Everything You Wanted to Know

Average weight regain after 5 years from Bariatric Surgery ranges from 0 to 10%, depending on on two key factors: 1) The procedure chosen and 2) Patient behavior. However, several non-surgical measures exist to prevent or reverse weight regain. First lets see which procedures cause how much long-term weight loss and average weight regain from […]

How Bariatric Surgery combats premature aging and adds eight years of life to patients

Weight loss through bariatric surgery can help you effectively combat premature aging and add about eight years of extra life, as per a recent study conducted in Vienna. The researchers collected blood samples before surgery and one and two years afterwards. They compared the levels of premature aging markers called Telomeres in the blood before […]

Something Stealing your Sleep?

A character from a French folk tale lends her name to a sleep disorder that many suffer from without even knowing it. It is called Ondine’s Curse or in medical terms Central Hypo-ventilation Syndrome. Ondine was a celestial nymph who fell in love with Palemon, a mortal, who promised to love her with every waking […]

5 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has more serious future health implications than most parents think. Studies from University of Surrey, UK found increased arterial damage in obese children. The arterial damage aggravates the chances of that child suffering from cardiovascular disease in its adult life. Researchers have established that obese children are more likely to develop type 2 […]

4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Surgery

4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Surgery Dr Abhay Agrawal from Mumbai India is one of the foremost leaders of Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery . He took up Bariatric Surgery in its nascent days and has played a significant role in growing this specialty it to the level it is at today. In 2002, […]

The Heart of the Matter: Obesity Can Kill

Ask a child what the most vital organ of the human body is. Child will tell you it is the Heart. Ask a mother when she first felt the gush of life within her womb. She will tell you it is when she first sensed her baby’s heartbeat. Ask a spurned lover what the most […]