Diabetes Gone after Surgery

I am fit enough to fly! Says this 64 year old gentleman

Here’s an inspiring story of Mr Goradia’s victory over Diabetes in his own words:

I was a diabetic for 30 yrs and on insulin for 15 yrs and in spite of that my sugar levels were 400+.

I weighed 89 kilos and was taking insulin injections along with several tablets daily to control Diabetes and fight High Blood Pressure. I was constantly breathless and tired. My energy levels were sagging as I struggled to go about my day to day activities.

Today, at 64 years of age, I weigh 61 kilos and my sugar levels are under 100.  I have no BP. I walk about 2 kms a day and feel light and fit enough to fly!

The turning point in my health was a Laparoscopic Metabolic Surgery called Ileal Transposition.

As I turned 60, I was advised to meet a Bariatric Surgeon by my daughter, whose friend’s mother had successfully undergone the procedure for weight loss.

I met Dr. Abhay Agrawal in 2015 and felt assured that he was a capable doctor who would definitely help me find a solution for my problem of type 2 diabetes triggered by excess weight. Looking back, I know that I made the right decision.

Post the surgery, my life has completely changed for the better. I am glad I decided to undergo the operation, which went off smoothly with no side effects or problems whatsoever.

My surgery was with miniature incisions of 3mm to 10mm length due to which I had no post operative pain, got discharged and recovered much more quickly compared to open surgery.

Dr. Agrawal looked after me as if I was one amongst his family. The support staff at the clinic were extremely cooperative and attended to me in a very professional manner with great care.

After the surgery, the initial few months are difficult as one has to adjust to the routine of eating smaller meals at regular intervals. I have to eat five times a day and be careful to eat reduced portions. However, within a few months, the body and mind, both adjust to this change and one quickly adapts to the different routine.

I was a foodie all my life. Food has always been my weakness. After I became a diabetic, life had become challenging. I could not eat sweets, fried food was out of the question. Excessive weight gain made movement difficult. Life had become cumbersome. Now with the weight-loss and diabetes control, I feel far better!

The benefits from the surgery far outweigh the small inconveniences. It is a boon to live in this era when one can be free from the constant restraints that diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure place upon you. To anybody having second thoughts about the surgery, I would say – Go For It!

About Dr Abhay Agrawal:

Dr Abhay Agrawal is a world-class expert in all types of Bariatric surgeries: Mini Gastric Bypass, Roux-en- y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Ileal Transposition (Diabetes Surgery) with vast experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Agrawal is one of the few in world to be certified as International Surgeon of Excellence from the non-profit accreditation organisation Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) USA.

He has treated more than 4000 patients with Bariatric surgery and his Bariatric program is well known for consistent and high quAlyty results in long term weight loss as he personally treats every patient.

Dr Agrawal is available for consultations and surgeries at his own Center for Obesity and Diabetes Control (CODC) Malad East; SevenHills Hospital Andheri East; and Apollo Spectra Hospital Tardeo, at Mumbai, India.

For appointments, call or what’s app on +91 98210 32169 or email at drabhay@gmail.com

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