Diabetes Gone after Surgery

I am fit enough to fly! Says this 64 year old gentleman Here’s an inspiring story of Mr Goradia’s victory over Diabetes in his own words: I was a diabetic for 30 yrs and on insulin for 15 yrs and in spite of that my sugar levels were 400+. I weighed 89 kilos and was […]

Reema recounts 5 years of success since her Bariatric Surgery

Consistently depressed and constantly out-of-breath, Reema stared ahead gloomily at the prospect of a life battling obesity. About to turn 30, Reema heard the alarm call loud and clear. A life-time of medication and steroids for controlling her skin condition, had led to a situation she could no longer control through diet and exercise. Something […]

A life-transforming journey of Aly from Kenya

In 2013, I weighed 194 kgs. Life was a struggle beyond words. Today I weigh 85 kgs and the journey has been life-transforming. An asthma patient since childhood, I had been put on steroids for medication and this led to an abnormal rate of weight gain. At the age of 21, I weighed 194 kgs […]