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Another successful visit to Raipur

Dr Abhay Agrawal was at Raipur again last week as a part of strategic partnership between Dr Agrawal’s Center for Obesity and Diabetes Control Mumbai and Kalda Hospital Raipur to offer Bariatric Surgery Solutions for patients in Raipur and Chattisgarh. A mini gastric bypass and a sleeve gastrectomy were performed this time by Dr Agrawal […]

Dr Abhay Agrawal Trains Young Surgeons in 3D Lap Surgery at International Fellowship Course.

Just as 3D movie experience provides more immersion for viewers than 2D, the latest technology of 3D laparoscopic surgery provides quicker understanding of operating sites to Surgeons versus the conventional 2D lap surgery. This means 20-25% less time under anaesthesia for patients because 3D visualization helps Surgeons complete a laparoscopic surgery safer and faster compared […]

Dr Abhay Agrawal at Asia Pacific Conference Speaks on Resolving Diabetes Complications with Bariatric Surgery

The meeting was IFSO which brought more than 500 internationally acclaimed surgeons, researchers and pioneers from 18 countries across the world. The location was Goa but nothing was further in the audience minds than beach and the sands due to high quality clinical interactions between surgical leaders such as Dr Kelvin Higa from US who […]