Low Fat Butter Chicken

Who says a diabetic or a weight-loss diet means compromising on taste and flavour? It simply means finding substitutions that will help reduce the fat and sugar content of your food. Make sure that you continue to pamper your taste buds, else you are likely to get frustrated and resort to a binge, sooner or […]


While we may not yet have a clear answer to what came first, the egg or the chicken, when it comes to the first meal of the day…the egg wins hands down. The high nutrient value of eggs make them an excellent way to start the day or for that matter a healthy snack at […]

Bisibelle Oats

In recent years, oats have slowly but surely established their presence in Indian kitchens. Packed with protein and fiber and low on fat, oats are at the top of the list of healthy foods. Oats contribute to a healthier heart and also help regulate blood sugar. Oats are largely looked upon as a breakfast item. […]