Reema recounts 5 years of success since her Bariatric Surgery

Consistently depressed and constantly out-of-breath, Reema stared ahead gloomily at the prospect of a life battling obesity. About to turn 30, Reema heard the alarm call loud and clear. A life-time of medication and steroids for controlling her skin condition, had led to a situation she could no longer control through diet and exercise. Something more urgent was required.

‘I was constantly fatigued, feeling low, not able to go out. Unable to enjoy life like others my age,’ says Reema recollecting her misery.

But life has taken a 360 degree turn after the bariatric surgery she underwent five years ago with Dr. Abhay Agrawal. ‘I flew in from Nairobi in Kenya to Mumbai for the surgery. I was convinced it was the only solution and worth it,’ she reminisces.

Reema had been suffering from a condition called skin vitiligo and had been on steroids for its treatment. That had led to excessive weight gain. Exercise routines and diets had given short term benefits, which were quickly lost again. Reema realized she had to something more.

‘The surgery went off very well,’ she says. The initial changes are a little difficult when your body is getting used to eating less. You have to follow instructions like not drinking water with meals and eating small portions etc. But your body learns to adapt quickly.

Reema lost 10 kilos in the first week after the surgery. She lost 26 kilos in nine months. She now weighs 64 kgs and feels fit and healthy.

‘The experience with Dr. Agrawal was fantastic,’ narrates Reema. ‘I was operated at his clinic. I found the staff very caring and supportive. The atmosphere is very homely.’

Reema is a Consultant and Regional Manager of a Company. She finds that the surgery and weight loss has improved her life greatly. ‘I have more energy and can get more work done in a day,’ she explains.

Obesity is a very different kind of health problem,’ says Reema. ‘People don’t seem to understand. They will tell you to exercise, think you are being lazy. But in reality, it is not so easy.’

Reema is convinced it was the best decision she made and says she is happy to talk to any patient who may need advice on navigating through the battle against obesity.

I would recommend this surgery to anybody in my situation,’ she advises. ‘Young or Old, it is important to be the master of your body and not vice-versa. Do not look at this as an easy way out of the problem. On the other hand, look at it as a process that makes your life easy and worthwhile.’

About Dr Abhay Agrawal:

Dr Abhay Agrawal is a world-class expert in all types of Bariatric surgeries: Mini Gastric Bypass, Roux-en- y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Ileal Transposition (Diabetes Surgery) with vast experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Agrawal is one of the few in world to be certified as International Surgeon of Excellence from the non-profit accreditation organisation Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) USA.

He has treated more than 4000 patients with Bariatric surgery and his Bariatric program is well known for consistent and high quAlyty results in long term weight loss as he personally treats every patient.

Dr Agrawal is available for consultations and surgeries at his own Center for Obesity and Diabetes Control (CODC) Malad East; SevenHills Hospital Andheri East; and Apollo Spectra Hospital Tardeo, at Mumbai, India.

For appointments, call or what’s app on +91 98210 32169 or email at