So you have taken the big step. The surgery has been successfully completed and you are on your way to recovery. You have a list of dos and donts from your doctor. You can now look forward to a life free of obesity and related health issues. Life sounds magical. Yes, that’s all true.

However, it is also important to not take your recovery for granted.

Postoperative follow-ups are a crucial part of your journey to complete recovery. Studies have shown that bariatric patients who adhered to the follow-up schedule set by their surgeons showed better results in the remission of co-morbidities.

Also according to statistics, more than 50% of bariatric patients ignore their follow-up visits and these patients show markedly lower rate of remission as compared to the patients who are committed to their post-operative care.

The most important component of post-operative care is to monitor your medical parameters besides weight loss. We track how the surgery is resolving co-morbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. And we check for any unlikely post-surgery discomforts and deal with them at the earliest.

The follow-ups also concentrate on nutrition management to help you be comfortable with hunger, portions and satiety that may be different from pre-surgery levels. You will also receive advice on what foods can be gradually added to your diet plan as we monitor the weight-loss to make sure you stay on the path to achieve your target. Studies have proven that patients, who stuck to their follow-ups, achieved better weight loss success.

Make sure you have your list of doubts and queries ready for your follow-up visit and don’t hesitate to discuss them with us.  Its important that there are no communication gaps and no question is a small question.

Often, follow-up visits after Bariatric Surgery may seem like a waste of time, since most patients feel just fine with in no time, but little time invested in follow-ups will have you on a much speedier pace towards a much healthier life.

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