Laparoscopic approach to weight loss surgery

Laparoscopic Approach

All the procedures are performed Laparoscopically. When a Laparoscopic operation is performed, a small video camera inserted into the abdomen allows the surgeon to conduct and view the surgery on a video monitor.

The camera and surgical instruments are usually inserted through small incisions made in the abdominal wall.

Laparoscopic procedures for weight loss surgery employ the same principles as their ‘open’ counterparts and produce similar excess weight loss.

Compared to open surgery, some benefits of laparoscopic surgery include Faster recovery and return to pre-surgical level of activity.

Modern laparoscopic treatment offers the following advantages

  • Short stay in hospital.
  • Practically pain free.
  • No wound related complications.
  • Patients returns to work in less than a week.
  • Low complication rate comparable to any other surgery.
  • Improves overall quality of life (QOL).


All major surgery involves a certain level of risk. Risks involved with weight loss surgery vary according to procedure performed.


Surgery should not be considered until all other options have been evaluated

  • Weight loss surgery is not a cosmetic surgery.
  • The decision to elect surgical treatment requires an assessment of the risk and benefit to you and the meticulous performance of the appropriate surgical procedure.
  • The success of weight loss surgery is dependent on your long term lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and behavior modification.


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