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Bariatric surgery is the fastest evolving field in general surgery today: Dr Abhay Agarwal

If we tweak the bariatric part a little, we do it for uncontrolled diabetes; we call it metabolic surgery, this surgery completely takes care of your diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and other medical issues. Read the article

Dr Abhay Agrawal participates as panelist at the International Bariatric Surgical Meet

Dr Abhay Agrawal shared teaching inputs for the young surgeons with a take home message on safe bariatric surgery at Metasurg international bariatric surgical meet at Pune that attracted 500+ surgeons from India and 12 international stalwarts. Dr Agrawal was an invited panelist at the congress.

An Honor and Homecoming

For two reasons, delivering an oration at Lokamanya Tilak Municipal Medical College (LTMG) Mumbai was an opportunity Dr Abhay Agrawal greatly cherished last month. One, to return as an expert speaker within the same walls where he was once a student- which was both joyous and humbling experience. Two, its a great honour to speak […]