Power-Packed Bhel

With the rains around the corner, the taste buds will soon be calling out to the spicy, tangy chaats. But, the traditional chaats can create havoc in your diet plan with unhealthy ingredients. However with this Bhel recipe, you can enjoy tasty chaat with no guilt. Sunflower, watermelon and pumpkin seeds used here allow healthy […]

Low Guilt Paneer Mutter Biryani

If rice is a staple in your meals, no worries! Brown rice which is a healthier substitute to white rice cuts the risk of diabetes by 16%. Unpolished red rice and black rice too are healthier choices compared to white rice. This recipe of paneer mutter biryani maintains the traditional flavours of a biryani but […]

Cabbage and Soya Parathas: A Healthy Version of Your Favorite Food

Effective weight management is difficult short-term measures. It demands a overhaul of one’s lifestyle. In order to stick with the long-term dietary changes, it is important to innovate to make healthier versions of your favourite foods, rather than sacrificing them all together. In this recipe, soy flour is incorporated in the all-time universal favourite paratha […]