Dr Abhay Agrawal Demonstrate Diabetes Surgery at OSSICON International Conference

Diverted Ileal Transposition is nothing but a type of Bariatric Surgery used to cure uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes in non-obese patients of Diabetes. Dr Abhay Agrawal is one of the very few experts in the world in this surgery with vast experience. Hence he was invited to demonstrate a live surgery as a Faculty at the international conference of Bariatric Surgeons called OSSICON conducted at Chennai last weekend.

Dr Abhay Agrawal along with his co-faculty at the conference completed this surgery safely, successfully and also in record time.

On a separate note, Dr Agrawal was also re-elected as Executive Committee member of the OSSI (Obesity Surgery Society of India) for one more term due to his teamwork and noteworthy contributions to the OSSI.