Dr Abhay Agrawal honored on Expert Panel for Bariatric Surgery

Dr Abhay had the privilege of being on the expert panel for Bariatric Surgery in a recent symposium at Mumbai on Risk Reduction Strategies and Planning in  inimally invasive surgeries.

The emphasis of the panel discussions was to make Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgeries safer in the hands of younger or inexperienced surgeons to reduce complications for their patients.

The number of times a hospital or surgeon performs certain procedures annually has an inverse relationship with in-hospital mortality rates for patients undergoing the procedures. This means that lower the numbers, the higher are the risk of complications.

This is why high volume Centers of Excellence take active part in training less experienced centers and surgeons through fellowships, symposiums and workshops.

It was also a great honor for Dr Abhay to receive a plaque at this symposium from Dr P. K. Chowbey- the doyen of Minimal Access Surgery in India.

Dr Abhay receiving the plaque from Dr P.K. Chowbey