Get Moving: Role of Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

First two years after Bariatric surgery are a dream-come-true phase where weight loss is almost automatic irrespective of whether you exercise or not.

Many patients get carried away in this magical phase and fall back on their old habits of overeating and not exercising.

Sure, damage is much less with Bariatric patients compared to those who haven’t undergone surgery with respect to weight regain.

Yet, there is a chance of 10-20% excess weight regain if healthy habits are not learnt after surgery i.e. mild to moderate daily exercise along with 6 small and healthy meals everyday.

Most patients are able to start off with moderate amount of exercise within two to four weeks of having undergone surgery. Make sure you consult your Bariatric Team to build the quantity and intensity of your workout based on your individual needs and condition.

Exercising ensures that not only do you continue to lose weight after surgery but also that you lose it the right way.

Most importantly, its much more fun exercising after surgery than before because results can be experienced much quicker and are more long-lasting.

Start slow, like a gentle 10-minute stroll and gradually build up the intensity to the point where you are left a little out of breath at the end of the exercise.

Low impact aerobic exercises like brisk walking, yoga, cycling, swimming, etc are a great way target the fat stores in the body. Also, include strength training in your workout plan to preserve and build the body’s muscle mass.

Exercising regularly ensures conditioning of the cardiovascular system and healthier joints. It also keeps the rate of metabolism up which helps sustain weight loss.

Exercising is also great for mental health. It infuses positivity and prevents stress and anxiety from bothering your mind.

Make sure that you listen to your body. Stop if it hurts. And, once your body gets used to the intensity, slowly up the ante and introduce new challenges in your workout.

So, strap on those boots and get moving!