Get Up and Get Going!

“I’ll start tomorrow” – is the most popular excuse to skip an exercise session.

But, in order to continue to reap the benefits of bariatric surgery, a light to moderate exercise routine will be of great help.

Here are some tips to help you make exercise a fun routine:

  • Workout buddy: Set up an exercise schedule with a friend whether it is going for a daily walk or enrolling in an exercise class. It may motivate you on those days when you are feeling lazy.
  • Choose your exercise: Opt for the kind of exercise that you enjoy. If you enjoy being out in the open go for a walk, if you enjoy dancing join an aerobics class
  • Mix it up: Don’t let it get monotonous and boring. Incorporating different exercises in your workout plan will keep it interesting and fun.
  • Change with the weather: Go swimming during summers and opt for indoor workouts during monsoons. This will ensure that weather conditions are never a reason for you to miss a workout.
  • Set targets: Working towards goals keeps the motivation up. Set weekly targets – increase the number of kilometres within the same time frame or doing more repetitions in the gym. This will make you push yourself harder every time.
  • Rest: Choose a rest day, maybe Sunday? Give your body a break and take it easy. It will charge you up to attack your exercise goals for the new week.

Post-surgery, exercise plays a crucial role in sustained weight loss, general fitness and optimum cardiovascular health.

Just like the proverbial “apple”, exercising daily too will keep the doctor away!