Dr Abhay Agrawal Demonstrate Diabetes Surgery at OSSICON International Conference

Diverted Ileal Transposition is nothing but a type of Bariatric Surgery used to cure uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes in non-obese patients of Diabetes. Dr Abhay Agrawal is one of the very few experts in the world in this surgery with vast experience. Hence he was invited to demonstrate a live surgery as a Faculty at the international conference of Bariatric Surgeons called OSSICON conducted at Chennai last weekend.

Dr Abhay Agrawal along with his co-faculty at the conference completed this surgery safely, successfully and also in record time.

On a separate note, Dr Agrawal was also re-elected as Executive Committee member of the OSSI (Obesity Surgery Society of India) for one more term due to his teamwork and noteworthy contributions to the OSSI.

Magic Potion for Weight Loss!

Have you heard of the magic potion for weight loss? It is colourless, odourless and tasteless and as far as our health goes, it is priceless. Yes, you guessed it. It is, quite simply, water!

Various studies have shown that reducing water intake leads to increased fat deposits whereas drinking more water helps mobilize stored fat. Enough cannot be said about the power of water for patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery.

But, the reduced stomach capacity post-surgery makes it difficult for patients to stay on top of their fluid intake goals and dehydration is one of the main reasons for patients’ readmission to hospitals.

Your doctor has advised you on your required daily fluid intake. And, it is now up to you to ensure that you manage to meet that target. How do you that?

Simply, drinking water when you “feel” thirsty may not be enough. It is important to monitor your fluid consumption.

A recent study from Greenwhich Hospital USA showed that monitoring the quantity of water being consumed by patients helped more than double the quantity of water they were drinking.

Download an App on your phone to keep a tally of the number of glasses of water you are drinking. You can also download an App to remind you to drink water periodically through the day. Or, make sure you keep water bottles at hand all the time to serve you as a reminder to drink up.

Avoid carbonated and caffenaited drinks. Instead, add slices of lemon and a few sprigs of mint leaves to your water bottle. It will provide a refreshing flavour through the day and make you reach out for your water bottle.

Don’t drink too much fluid during meals. Restrict a large part of fluid consumption to between meals. Besides ensuring that you stay hydrated, it will give you a feeling of fullness and stop you from reaching for unhealthy snacks.

Don’t undermine the power of H2O in your recovery and continued weight loss post-surgery.

About Dr Abhay Agrawal:

Dr Abhay Agrawal is a world-class expert in all types of Bariatric surgeries: Mini Gastric Bypass, Roux-en- y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Ileal Transposition (Diabetes Surgery) with vast experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Agrawal is one of the few in world to be certified as International Surgeon of Excellence from the non-profit accreditation organisation Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) USA.

He has treated more than 4000 patients with Bariatric surgery and his Bariatric program is well known for consistent and high quality results in long term weight loss as he personally treats every patient.

Dr Agrawal is available for consultations and surgeries at his own Center for Obesity and Diabetes Control (CODC) Malad East; SevenHills Hospital Andheri East; and Apollo Spectra Hospital Tardeo, at Mumbai.

For appointments, call on +91 22 2888 6666