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Don’t Forget Your Vitamins after Bariatric Surgery

Apart from diet and mild exercise, good supplementation would catalyse long-term weight and health success after Bariatric Surgery. Patients after surgery may at times develop certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the long-run. But, this risk can be very easily mitigated by following the supplementation plan as laid out by your surgeon. One of the […]

Building A Post Bariatric Exercise Plan

As you gear up to begin a new chapter in your life post your surgery, make exercise an indispensable part of your new life. Here are some exercises that make up an all-rounded workout program: Level 1 Once you have recovered from your surgery and have the go-ahead from your doctor, you can start off […]

Power-Packed Bhel

With the rains around the corner, the taste buds will soon be calling out to the spicy, tangy chaats. But, the traditional chaats can create havoc in your diet plan with unhealthy ingredients. However with this Bhel recipe, you can enjoy tasty chaat with no guilt. Sunflower, watermelon and pumpkin seeds used here allow healthy […]

Low Guilt Paneer Mutter Biryani

If rice is a staple in your meals, no worries! Brown rice which is a healthier substitute to white rice cuts the risk of diabetes by 16%. Unpolished red rice and black rice too are healthier choices compared to white rice. This recipe of paneer mutter biryani maintains the traditional flavours of a biryani but […]

Get Up and Get Going!

“I’ll start tomorrow” – is the most popular excuse to skip an exercise session. But, in order to continue to reap the benefits of bariatric surgery, a light to moderate exercise routine will be of great help. Here are some tips to help you make exercise a fun routine: Workout buddy: Set up an exercise […]

Cabbage and Soya Parathas: A Healthy Version of Your Favorite Food

Effective weight management is difficult short-term measures. It demands a overhaul of one’s lifestyle. In order to stick with the long-term dietary changes, it is important to innovate to make healthier versions of your favourite foods, rather than sacrificing them all together. In this recipe, soy flour is incorporated in the all-time universal favourite paratha […]

Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes Brings Positive Outcomes Says Study by Joslin Diabetes Center

Over the last 30 years, number of obese adolescents suffering from type 2 diabetes has dramatically increased globally as well as in India- which has earned a sordid reputation as Diabetes Capital of the World. Half of this cohort who are severely obese end up needing insulin injections within a year of diagnosis, says Dr […]

Get Moving: Role of Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

First two years after Bariatric surgery are a dream-come-true phase where weight loss is almost automatic irrespective of whether you exercise or not. Many patients get carried away in this magical phase and fall back on their old habits of overeating and not exercising. Sure, damage is much less with Bariatric patients compared to those […]